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Beginning of a new year

Hi, it's Ino from Delino,

I hope this finds you well, specially after enjoying another holiday full of family, friends, and great styles. We are certainly feeling grateful at Delino for another outstanding  year.
If there was a theme for our 2013, it was the emergence of ombre, boliage and tips ends creations, made with The help of our unique state of the art keratin bleach. We have long had a large collection of hair color, Styles  and finishing products . A collection that we have continued to build (more than 30 products and tools  debuted on Delino this year), but 2013 saw us cross a threshold with these tools, themes and styles products , few of whom have had any kind  versatil used in our house hair salon before are starting to reach really large audiences on beauty shows, salons and distributors. Literally thousands of hart working artists, quimicos and  desyners are each working for hundreds of thousands of hairstylist and their clients. 
It's very exciting to think about the impact Delino can eventually have on the future of all these talented and deserving beauty Profesionals. By using and recommending Delino, you’re helping to bring that vision to life.
So thanks again for your support.  Pleased, join our fan club and never buy hair color  again, We provide it to your salon for free. 
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From all of us at Delino.

   Ino, (Founder)

Muchas gracias por preferirnos! Thanks for your continued support! - The Delino Team